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Dive In

When I was a kid nothing said summer more than diving into a body of water. It didn’t matter the size or the location, sometimes it was an Olympic-sized swimming pool and other times our backyard pool, Warrandyte River or the ocean. I didn’t care, feeling the heat of summer simply meant finding somewhere cool and diving in.

I would use the contrast of the crisp water against my hot, tingling skin to cool the body and change my perception of the world around me. As my head disappeared under the surface I would spend as long as I could submerged, the lack of discernible sound changing my focus from the external to the internal. Voices would become nothing more than muffled music and I would tune in to my breath as it dissolved into bubbles.

As the whoosh of water moved through my hair and brushed against my swimmers, and my body cooled to its touch I would feel soothed and weightless. The spinning, tumbling and rolling allowing me to feel free. Gravity no longer held me back and with the water supporting me I could tune in and connect to my mind and my body. To me. Myself. And at once I would be grounded, yet with no ground beneath.

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