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Ways To Share Your Story

There’s no doubt that sharing a story with someone one-to-one is an intimate experience, particularly when that person is a stranger, however, it’s during a conversation where hidden memories can sometimes be unfurled. It’s the pointed silence, the way a face lights up when reliving a memory or simply the details left out until prompted. What first goes unsaid is often the most telling.

For these reasons there are two ways to share your story with us.

  1. Be interviewed by us – either in person or over the phone. That way we get to meet you and get more depth to your story. Remember to provide your contact details.
  2. Online only – perfect for those who want to tell their story in private. Just enter your story into the form, and submit it. You can be anonymous or attributed. NB. Be aware that your story will be ‘cleaned up’ in the editing process.

How you choose to tell it is up to you…

  • By Interview

  • In Writing

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Writing Tips

We want to know everything – there is no such thing as too much information. Imagine you’re talking us through all your senses – what did you see, smell, feel, hear and taste? What were you wearing? What was the weather like? Which emotions were flared? How do you feel now that you’re retelling it? Did this event have an impact on your life in any way and does it still? You get the picture, imagine you’re retelling this tale to your best pal and don’t want to leave anything out.

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