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The Kindness of Strangers

The wind gushing from the ocean was warm and relentless as the beach stretched out in front of us without the respite of shade. As the sun blazed down, the sweat on my brow slid like a river down the…

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It’s the practicalities of summer that tie me to this annual concept of seasonal change. And as the weather shifts from winter to summer so begins my mental and physical metamorphosis. I find that as the heavy layers of winter…

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Dive In

When I was a kid nothing said summer more than diving into a body of water. It didn’t matter the size or the location, sometimes it was an Olympic-sized swimming pool and other times our backyard pool, Warrandyte River or…

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Painting Of The Pompidou Plaza By Bec Smith For Tell. Tale. Signs.

A Summer’s Day At The Centre Pompidou

“My partner and I had been travelling Europe with our four-year old for almost three weeks and had recently landed in Paris, where we were spending a week before heading across to London. We’d talked about visiting the Pompidou Centre…

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