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A collaboration by you and us.


What is Tell Tale Signs?

It’s a storytelling collaboration between an artist, a writer and you, the storyteller. Follow at @tell.tale.signs.

How It Works.

  • you share your story with us
  • we edit your story and turn that story into a painting
  • we publish the painting, and story, on our website
  • all stories will become part of an archive of a bigger tale
  • you have the option to purchase your painting. Chat to us for more details.

Who We Are.

Nikki Stefanoff – The Writer

Nikki has been reading and writing stories for as long as she can remember and, through her work as a journalist, has been retelling other people’s stories for the last 13 years. Whether through literature, music or a simple conversation Nikki’s interest in the lives of others is what has inspired her career, and a fascination with how we can each experience the same moment so differently is the driving force behind this storytelling project. Painting is, for Nikki, just another untapped medium in the gamut of spinning a good yarn.

Find out more about Nikki at

Bec Smith – The Painter

Bec’s fascination with people and how they interact with their surroundings is what drives both her career as a UX designer and her art. Each one of Bec’s paintings is an expression of the thoughts, emotions and opinions surrounding a particular moment in time and the finished work is the realisation of both actual, and idealised, situations translated into a painted static frame. By painting someone else’s story Bec is inviting the storyteller to become a collaborator in her art.

Find out more about Bec at

Terms & Conditions.

There are a few things you should be happy with before you tell us your story, read over our terms and conditions.

Your Privacy.

Let’s get things straight before we get started. View the privacy policy.

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